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Video Screening

Say goodbye to telephone screening. Save hours of time with the Optimize Video Screening tool.

Video Screening

First impressions count.

Your time is valuable.  Spending time interviewing the wrong candidates is frustrating. Avoiding this by telephone screening candidates first is practical, but still takes a lot of time. Worse still, these processes can lengthen the time to hire when good candidates find jobs quickly and can risk you missing out on the best talent.

The Optimize Video Screening tool allows you to make much better decisions before inviting people to a first stage interview.  By sending your shortlisted candidates a few screening questions, and reviewing their video answers, you can very quickly gain a fuller, more rounded opinion on the candidates, helping you to decide on the candidate’s suitability for a face to face interview. No more high volumes of wasted first stage interviews, saving you both time and money.


How does Video Screening work?

Our video screening software helps you screen potential candidates before you invite them for a face to face first interview.  Once you’ve read through CVs and shortlisted the candidates you like, you’re ready to send them your pre-screening questions.  Simply list the questions, set time limits for answers, set a deadline and send them to your shortlist.  Candidates get a choice of recording their video answers on our easy to use Video Screening App or via a webcam and can do a practice interview with our own pre-set questions if they wish.  They then see each of your questions one at a time, can think of what to say if you’ve set preparation time, and start recording their answers.

These video answers can then be viewed by you and commented on via your Optimize Dashboard. Collaborating with colleagues is also made easy – a job can be shared with all those involved in the process, allowing them to add their feedback to the video answers, all collated on one simple Dashboard.

You’re now ready to schedule face to face interviews with candidates that have impressed you not only on paper, but also in person, and our Interview Scheduler can make this easy too!


See the person behind a CV, making recruitment more human.

Many qualified candidates are overlooked when solely basing your judgement on their CV.  Video screening gives candidates the chance to present themselves in 3d, allowing you to see how they present themselves and how confident they are with their answers before they’ve even stepped into your office.  It gives you an indication of their commitment and interest in working for your business, demonstrating that they can meet a deadline and from the effort they place in impressing you with their video answers.  It’s convenient for both parties.  Candidates save time and money in travel costs, and can answer the questions at a time and place that they’re comfortable in, giving them the best possible chance to impress.  You and your team can watch the answers at your convenience and playback as many times as necessary – impossible to do using traditional methods.  Your team and any colleagues involved in the process can be fully engaged and feel a part of selecting your next hire, a key ingredient in successful hiring.  Integrating fully with Optimize’s Job Posting, Applicant Tracking and Talent Bank features means that the process can fast and efficient, with data securely housed in one, easy to access cloud based solution.

Making Recruitment Simple.


Making Recruitment Simple
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