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Why pay for a Video Screening tool when you can use Optimize for FREE ?

A Video Screening tool that is 100% free!

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See the person behind the CV

By relying on CVs to make decisions on who to progress, we lose critical aspects of human interaction: a candidate’s confidence, enthusiasm and personality. People aren’t just hired for what they can do, but also who they are. Let candidates tell you themselves why you should meet them!

Get more done!

Sifting through CV’s and telephoning interviewing countless candidates is time consuming and can take you away from your core work. Video Screening is a great way to make quicker (and better) decisions, whilst freeing up your time to be more productive.

Promote your employer brand

In a market where competition for the best candidates is fierce, any opportunity to promote your brand will set you apart from other employers. Send video interview requests with your own branding and promotional videos to help secure the most sought-after candidates.

Seamless ATS integration

Use Optimize Video Screening alongside our Applicant Tracking System or integrate with any third party / bespoke ATS to make the process even quicker! Optimize has been built to allow seamless integrations to help you get the most out of Video Screening.

Eliminate Subconscious Bias

Give every applicant an equal opportunity to impress you. Video screening allows you to pre screen candidates with standardised questions designed to eliminate subconscious bias. All applicants can be asked same questions, in the same way levelling the playing field for all.