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Timesheet Management

Online Timesheet submissions and e-Invoicing - Manage your temporary and contract workers in one place.

Timesheet Management

Manage your temporary and contract workers in one place.

At last, a Talent Acquisition tool that can truly handle both permanent AND temporary and contract recruitment! One of the most unique features of Optimize is our integrated online timesheet system.  Our clever Timesheet technology allows you hire temporary and interim candidates and manage their timesheets in one place.

If you employ multiple temporary or interim staff, the related administration can be laborious.  You could be spending needless time signing a mix of paper timesheets from a number of recruitment agencies or logging into various agency timesheet portals every week.  Mistakes on timesheets can easily slip through the net potentially costing money and staff can be distracted from their work whilst trying to get their timesheets authorized.  Data can be difficult to record and analyze making it hard to stay on top of your budgets.

Our industry leading software can eliminate these problems.  Each of your temporary or interim staff will have access to their electronically generated timesheets via our Optimize cloud solution.  Each week, they simply input their hours and expenses if necessary and send their electronic timesheet to a pre authorized manager.  They can then simple click a button to authorize the timesheet or send it back for correction if they spot an error.  Easy!

Recruitment agencies love it too! Many still place temps and interims on paper timesheets or outdated electronic portals that don’t offer hirers or candidates any value.  Our integrated e-invoicing will auto-generate an invoice and email it to you on the agency’s behalf as soon as timesheet is authorized.


Benefits of Electronic Timesheet Management?

Editing timesheets can be a laborious task at times but it is an important responsibility, especially when you’re working with temporary and interim staff. By having online timesheet software you can individually and collaboratively manage your company’s timesheets. Everything is recorded digitally and can be securely accessed on your Optimize account, so you have a stored history that you can easily track and refer to.  The option to auto-generate timesheets and client invoices for recruitment agencies, means you can send all documents electronically rather than using paper. The auto-generation ability saves you from having to physically input data. A job that can currently take you hours, can be done in minutes.  Using our electronic timesheet management tool is just one more way that Optimize can save you time and money.

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