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Talent bank

Never lose another CV. If someone isn’t right for your organization now, that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. Keep the most talented people on file for when your next vacancy becomes available.


What is the Optimize Talent Bank?

Over time you’re likely to receive a number of CVs from talented individuals.  They may not all be suitable for one job you’re advertising for now, but you may still see the potential in them for other positions. The Talent Bank is your own vault where you can store the CVs of candidates you would like to approach again in future. Used alongside the Optimize Applicant Tracker, all applicant CV’s are automatically stored in your Talent Bank.  It’s easily accessible, shared across your team and with custom tags, can help you speed up your future hiring and avoid the cost of re-advertising.


Why should you have a Talent Bank?

Storing CVs in an email folder may seem practical but it requires effort, and these CVs can be forgotten about or lost, and searching can be difficult. By storing talented candidates in your Optimize Talent Bank, you can refer to this bank at any time. This CV Management Software is one of the many valuable recruitment tools available in Optimize. It can be viewed and used by your entire team to help your company create a pipeline of future stars to approach when the time is right.


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