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Free Recruiting Email Templates. Awesome.

Worried you'll put off a candidate with a badly worded email or miss out an essential piece of information?

Are recruiting emails taking up far too much of your time? 

Email Templates

Automate & Improve Your Hiring Process With These Incredible Templates

So, What Do I Get?

We've spoken to hundreds of line managers, business owners and HR professionals to understand which parts of the recruitment process are the stickiest. Stickiest? Yes. These are the times where email communication often takes the longest and in turn extends your recruitment timeline.

We want to Make Recruitment Simple - so we created THE BEST list of free recruiting email templates, ever. Everything from interview invites to mass rejection letters. We've even thrown in a couple of job spec templates for good measure! 



  • Sourcing New Candidates

  • Scheduling A Telephone Interview

  • Arranging Video Screening

  • Mass Rejection Letter

  • Invite To Face To Face Interview

  • General Job Offer

  • Rejection After Interview

  • First Day Information / Onboarding


  • Basic Job Description

  • IT Manager Role

  • Sales Manager Role


  • How to tailor these templates to your industry
  • Tips on personalisation
  • Advice on timings and how to use these to source the best talent!