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Preferred Supplier Management

Our PSL Management tool helps you optimize your recruitment management.

What is Preferred Supplier Management?

Already have good relationships with a number of recruitment agencies? Optimize can segment these to Preferred Supplier Lists. As you work with more people and gather more data, you will quickly identify which agencies provide the best candidates and which will likely supply you a successful hire at the best rate. The recruitment agencies that provide you results can be added to your Preferred Supplier Lists so when it’s time to hire again you can post jobs to these contacts at the click of a button. Our PSL Management tool helps you optimise your recruitment management.

Preferred Supplier Management

Why Preferred Supplier Management is essential.

If you’re regularly hiring new employees or you don’t have much time, the Preferred Supplier Management tool helps you speed up the hiring process. Load the job and you’re one click away from sending this to your preferred supplier list. Still unable to fill the role? You can automatically release the job to your next tier until you find a recruiter that can deliver the right candidate for the right price.  

By automating this process, your time to hire will decrease significantly. Less emails sent, better responses received. Win-win.

At every stage of recruiting you’ll only be dealing with recruiters you choose to communicate with.  Unsolicited agency calls can be dealt with easily, just let them know that you manage all of your recruitment on Optimize.  Create multiple lists segmented by industry and business, giving you more time to focus on your process.

Using our recruitment management system gives you the chance to improve the way you manage your recruitment.


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