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One Click Job Posting

Type. Click. Post. Easy.


One Click Job Posting Tool

The Optimize One Click Job Posting Tool allows an employer to publish their job adverts to single or multiple job boards using our beautifully simple workflow. Optimize allows a user to post jobs to multiple job boards, the employer's own careers page and to all aspects of social media. Whether you choose to buy your job board credits though Optimize at a discounted rate, or wish to integrate your existing job board subscriptions, the system will work for you. Optimize takes what can be a time consuming laborious task and makes it easy and efficient. Our intuitive easy to use software was built in a way that requires no training, it won’t be long before you’re posting out multiple jobs and getting ahead of your workload.


How does One Click Job Posting help you?

When you’re responsible for finding and hiring new staff on a regular basis, the time it takes to set up your adverts and choose where you want the jobs to be seen can take valuable hours of your time. The One Click Job Posting Tool allows you to set up templates and post your job adverts to a variety of sources with one click of a button. For HR teams and managers who already have lots of tasks and responsibilities that need attention, this job posting software is designed to help you reclaim time. Once you’ve customized your workflow and decided how you want to manage your hiring process, it only takes a click to activate. Along with saving time, you’re naturally saving money because you’re decreasing the time it takes to hire.


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Speed Up With One Click Job Posting

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