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Agency Marketplace

Instant access to 600+ specialist recruitment agencies ready to fill your vacancy quickly at the fee you set.

Agency Marketplace

What is the Agency Marketplace?

As an employer if you have a hard to fill role, who has access to the best candidates and how do you access that network? Without previous experience or a developed network of reliable recruiters, you’re often exposed to learning through trial-and-error which can increase both cost to hire and time to hire.

Our Agency Marketplace software gives you instant access to over 600 specialist recruiters. When you need CVs quickly - the marketplace is ready. It’s one of the best recruitment software solutions available.


How does the Marketplace benefit you?

The Agency Marketplace is a fantastic hub of recruiters waiting to recommend their best candidates for the job. You have the control to choose which recruiters you hear from and how often you are sent CVs. You can limit the number of CV’s you wish to see from agencies so that you’re no longer inundated with candidates.  After you’ve decided how much you would like to pay, specialist recruiters will request to work on your job and they don’t know who you are until you accept their request.  If you receive unsolicited speculative calls from agencies, you can deal with them easily by just letting them know that you manage all of your recruitment through Optimize.  Building relationships up over time, you can set preferences up so that your future hires go to the most reliable recruiters and reduces the time to hire even further. Fully integrated with your recruitment dashboard - working with recruiters has never been easier! Our Agency Marketplace software is designed to give you control over your recruitment.

You can have instant access to agencies who can put forth their best candidates and save you from spending hours (or even days) creating a list of potential agencies to approach.

Making Recruitment Simple
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