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What is an Online Applicant Tracking System and do I need one?

Posted by Optimize | Jan 6, 2017 2:35:00 PM

The term applicant tracking system (ATS) is thrown about quite frequently in the world of HR and recruitment. It’s a candidate management software more people and companies are using to organise and manage their talent acquisition.


What is an Online Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is designed to help manage the recruitment process. The best way to describe it is as an online timeline that lets you see exactly where you’re up to when you’re hiring a new candidate.

The system logs how many CVs you’ve received for a particular role, what stage you’re up to for each candidate, whether they’ve passed the phone interview, been invited to an interview and who has been offered a job.

Along with a timeline, this management tool stores information and all your interactions with each candidate.

If you’re hiring on a daily basis or you just need a system that logs your recruitment process in a clean and effective way, having an online applicant tracking system helps dissolve any additional stress and improve the way you hire new talent.

Why HR staff, talent acquisition teams and company managers love applicant tracking software

Using an online applicant tracking system is an incredible organisational tool which automatically places each candidate into a stage on a timeline.

When you’ve completed an interview or decided a candidate will be shortlisted, the candidate’s profile moves along the timeline so you (and the rest of your team) can see where you are up to. Relying on your email inbox or writing a list in your notebook is not effective and it’s more time consuming, especially if you miss or lose any important information.

The fact that the applicant tracking tool is online means you can access it anywhere and all the information is stored safely.

When is it time to invest in an online applicant tracking system?

You’re recruiting on a regular basis

When you’re recruiting regularly, having an applicant tracking tool means each new hire is organised. Organisation is crucial when hiring, especially if you have to sift through 50 CVs for one job position. It helps speed up the process.

There is a team responsible for your company’s recruitment

One of the biggest benefits of applicant tracking system is the transparency. When you’ve got quite a few people handling your recruitment, a lack of communication between colleagues can cause confusion.

It can get complicated to see where you’re up to in the hiring process. The applicant tracking system helps to create a pipeline so you can see every stage.

You’re relying on your email inbox to track applications

Many HR managers rely on their email inboxes to manage their recruitment. Over the long term, this is not practical. CVs can get lost and it stunts cooperative working between members of the talent acquisition team.

With an applicant tracking tool, you don’t have to rely on your email inbox anymore.

Your company is growing

As a company grows in size, you will need more staff to join your team.

Having an effective online applicant tracking system in place benefits the way your company hires. It creates a comprehensive pipeline for whoever is handling your recruitment. Everything is stored in one place, online, rather than in one person’s email inbox.


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