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7 Ways Managers Can Strengthen Their Recruitment Process

Posted by Optimize | Mar 20, 2017 10:12:00 AM

When you're in charge of a team, it's understandable you don't have a lot of time to focus on your recruitment process. To help you out, we've handpicked some of the best methods and techniques you can adopt to help you recruit quickly and successfully without it negatively impacting your other duties.

By improving your recruitment method, you will be able to hire the best people and the best fit for your team. Your hiring process will be faster, more organised and cheaper.

One of the main reasons your senior management could be resistant to the idea of you hiring more staff is the fact, it can be very expensive. The cost of training new starters and paying recruitment agencies can soon add up. There are also many mistakes managers could make which increase recruitment costs higher than they need to be. But if you have an effective recruitment process, you can significantly reduce costs without reducing the quality of talent. 

Here is how you can improve your recruitment and hiring process: 


Set goals to help plan and manage your process

One of the easiest things you can do is add targets and goals for your hiring. 

Hiring an employee is an additional job to do alongside completing your daily tasks so it's easy for your hiring to get pushed aside and increase the time it takes to hire. To keep on track, create a weekly target. Every week, have one goal you need to achieve. 

For example: In the first week, you can aim to create a job advert. Second week, you can aim to have the advert on the company careers page, job boards and to recruiters (using a free marketplace like Optimize can get your job ads seen fast!). Third week, read CVs and create lists of people you want to invite for a telephone interview. And so forth.


Create PSLs to use the best recruiters for your needs and budget

Creating Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs) will greatly benefit your hiring process. 

If you're new to hiring, then one of the best places to start looking for applicants is in our free marketplace. 

Our marketplace is free to use and gives you immediate access to the largest specialist agency marketplace in the country. As you work with more recruiters you'll be able to add your favourites into PSLs.



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Having an up-to-date careers page will encourage people to check again in future

You can significantly reduce hiring costs just by advertising job vacancies on the company website.

By updating adverts regularly and sharing them on your company's social media, more people will come to check your company careers page to see what jobs are available. You will have more people interested in your vacancies and you can potentially find excellent candidates without having to hire an agency.


Introduce screening techniques to speed up hiring

Screening can help you find the best applicants to interview. Having a telephone interview gives you the chance to learn more about the applicants before creating your shortlist. You can cut 20 potential candidates down to 5. You don't have time to interview 20 people so adopt screening techniques into your recruitment process.

There are many screening techniques available, such as:

  • Telephone
  • Tasks
  • Online tests
  • Video screening - new to screening? This is a relatively new technique that uses mobile technology to 'push' screening questions to candidates and makes allowances for quick fire, video responses. Does this put candidates on the spot? Yes. Should you be using it? Definitely. Optimize features a video screening function so that you can screen candidates quickly, easily and store responses for future reference. 


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Prepare a strategy for new starters

Just because the candidate has accepted your job offer doesn't mean your recruitment process is over. You need to plan what they're going to do on their first day (and first week) in their new job.

If an employee leaves within the first couple of weeks or months of starting, you will have to start recruiting all over again.  

From a survey by BambooHR, one of the main reasons 17% of 1000 respondents claimed they left their job within the first three months was because they did not receive clear guidelines about their role and responsibilities. The first day at a new job can have a major impact on whether the employee will stay for the long term.

By organising a plan for what training sessions, meetings and introductions the new starter will experience in the first couple of weeks, you can have a positive impact on the new employee's impressions of their new workplace and reduce the chance of them leaving in the short term.

Plan weekly or monthly catch ups to see how the new starter is progressing and if they have any problems, you can help solve them.


Report your hiring process, identify problems and create solutions

It can take time to improve your recruitment method because you will need to try different processes to see what works best for you and your company. But you can optimise your technique by making reports.

Reporting helps you identify what areas are working successfully, which methods are helping you hire quickly, cheaply and successfully, and also determine what areas are negatively impacting your recruitment.

There are some of the different areas you can report on:

  • Recruitment agencies: which ones are getting you the best results? 
  • Time to hire: how long does it take you to hire? Which tasks take you the longest to do?
  • Employee turnover: how often do employees leave? 


Use an all-in-one talent acquisition software

Before you start saying, "Eek, this sounds expensive," give me a minute to explain.

One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to managers managing their recruitment is the lack of time and organisation. Relying on your email inbox always seems like a good idea at first but when you're dealing with multiple recruiters at a time, your inbox is going to get out of hand.

Also, when it comes to hiring, you need access to preferred supplier lists, one-click job posting, timesheets, and let's not forget the talent bank.

An all-in-one talent acquisition software gives you everything you need and transparency so you can clearly see your hiring process. Online applicant tracking maps out each candidate's timeline, PSL Management gives you fast access to your preferred recruiters, and One-Click Job posting means you can post your job adverts straight away, and we've got many more features.

With Optimize, our elegantly and simplified dashboard helps you manage recruitment easily. We also have other unique features that makes it stand out from any other software, such as video screening.  


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Ready to strengthen your recruitment process this year?

Our free guide is full of tips and techniques you can integrate into your hiring process to reduce the time it takes for you to hire. Having long term vacancies is costly for a company so it's important you find a replacement quickly but also find the right candidate. Download your free guide to start speeding up your recruitment, without reducing quality of hire. 

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