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Trends in HR Tech that will Dramatically Impact Recruitment in 2017

Posted by Optimize | Jan 23, 2017 4:13:00 PM

In recent years, more HR teams are looking for ways to optimise the way they hire. This has meant more people are looking to ultilise HR technology and software to improve the speed and quality of candidates they recruit. Here are some of the trends in HR tech we expect to see in 2017 that will help benefit your recruitment.


More HR teams will use automation

The idea of automation has been slowly introduced into the HR world over the past few years. The ability to automatically send a customised email to a candidate around the clock without any manual work is a real time saver. However, the automation tools we expect to see more of in 2017 are advanced systems that will read through CVs and collate the best candidates for HR managers to look at.

Manually looking through candidated CVs is perhaps one of the biggest time restrains when it comes to recruitment. Nowadays, there are dozens of applicants applying for one job. Reading through them takes your attention away from other important tasks and it takes longer for you to find the best candidate.

We predict this year that more HR teams will be utilising automation software and tools to help speed up the process. The machines can determine which CVs best fit the job specification while HR can focus on other tasks and prepare for the interviews.


Online talent pools

Having your own organised and up-to-date talent pool of the best CVs is a great asset when you're hiring on a regular basis. But maintaining a talent pool is hard to do.

However, this year, we predict there will be more tech and software available to help managers easily create and update their talent banks. Having an online talent pool will benefit individuals and teams who are regularly recruiting as it will save time and money, especially if you can refer to your talent pool rather than hire a recruitment agency.

talent bank on Optimize

At Optimize, our all-in-one talent acquisition software has a talent bank which is an online store for all the talented contacts you want to keep. It keeps their CV and any important information you've included about them.



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Reporting tools will help you optimise your recruitment

This year, we expect to see more companies investing in HR reporting tools so they can get clear results on how well their hiring process works. It might be the norm to always use the same recruitment company to help you recruit but with reporting tools you can quickly determine whether the services of that recruitment agency is beneficial or a hindrance.

While HR teams are crucial, it's a fact they are undervalued. Having reporting HR tools means you can get detailed reports on your hiring so you can show them to your senior management and decide which areas of your hiring strategy needs to be improved. 


reports optimize


Optimize provides plenty of report tools and analytics so you can see how well your hiring process is performing. You can get detailed analytics to see which sources are providing you the best CVs (direct, job boards, recruitment agencies, etc). With this data, you can improve your hiring processes and save time in future.

When working in HR, it can be difficult to show your senior management that you're doing a good job. But having these detailed analytics means you can show your managers you're working hard and meeting your targets.


Video screening to speed up the interview process

Due to the costs and time it takes to recruit new employees, we foresee more HR teams will be using video screening software to interview candidates.

Video screening gives you the chance to ask a candidate a question and they can video record their response. It's a great way to screen candidates before you invite them to an interview. A lot of time can be wasted interviewing people who aren't suitable for the job role, video screening helps you find the right candidates.


video screening on Optimize 

With Optimize you can easily send screening interview questions to applicants and when they have completed the answers, they are instantly uploaded into your Optimize dashboard. It saves time and organises everything for you.


Save time with more than just the latest technology

Our guide is filled with tips on how you can speed up the hiring process and find high quality candidates.


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Do you agree with the trends in HR tech we've predicted above? Share yours in the comments below.

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