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5 Telltale Signs it's Time to Hire More Staff

Posted by Optimize | Jan 26, 2017 3:58:00 PM

When you're a growing business, taking on new employees is a big step. Each new staff member you employ is an additional commitment and cost to your company. That's why it's so important to be completely sure that it's the right time to hire more staff. Here are the telltale signs that will suggest it's time to start hiring. 


1. You don't have the manpower to take on additional work

When you have a new business, it can take a while for you to build traction and receive continual work. But what happens when you have to refuse business because you simply don't have the manpower available?

If your company is reaching a stage where you're receiving more work that your business can handle, then it's time to start hiring more staff. Refusing business because you don't have enough people means you will be obstructing your company from growing and potential customers will be turning to your competitors instead.


2. Your clients can't contact you

Customers can get testy if they're unable to get hold of you every time they ring the office or you're struggling to return their calls. Even the best client relationships will deteriorate over time if you're unable to maintain them.

If you're regularly expected to communicate with clients but you're unable to because you're out of the office or swamped with work, then it's time to hire more staff. 


3. Customer service on the whole is unsatisfactory

One of the best methods of growing and maintaining a business is by keeping the customers happy. Happy customers are returning customers and happy customers will encourage other people to choose your services. If you're aware your business has an unsatisfactory customer service record then you may need new employees to focus on improving that score.

Customer service usually falls when employees don't have enough time to give customers their full attention. When your business is growing, it's beneficial to have employees available who focus entirely on customer relations to help keep their current and new customers happy.


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4. You're unable to have a holiday

There is a common misconception that all business owners have the funds and time to go on regular holidays. However, when you're in charge of a growing company you don't always have that luxury. But as a human being, you're entitled to take a break away from work so you can relax and refuel. 

If you're struggling to take time off because there's not enough employees available to steer the ship, then you need to consider hiring. What happens when you're ill and unable to come into work? You should have enough employees who are trained and reliable to keep the business running smoothly when key members of the team are not available.


5. You have no time to focus on growth

To have a successful and growing business, you will need resources and time available to focus on growing your business as a whole. It's great if your business has not changed in size in two years and continues to bring steady profits. But being able to grow means your company can generate even more profit and customers. Companies need to be able to grow in order to stay ahead of competition and adapt with the changing times.

As a business owner, you need to have time to focus on your company's growth, you're the one who can make the big decisions on what direction to take with your business. If you don't have any time during the working week, then you need more staff who can take some of the load off your shoulders.


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