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8 Recruiting Strategies That Find Hidden Talent

Posted by Optimize | Feb 9, 2017 10:11:00 AM

Looking for recruiting strategies that find hidden talent? You've come to the right place. Here are some recruiting techniques you can use to optimise the way your company hires and help you find the best talent out there.


1. Attend networking events

Networking events and workshops attract different types of people from your industry. They're great for networking, learning and to also find talented candidates.  

Attending these kind of events gives you the opportunity to make new contacts and find potential candidates for your next hire. Some people who attend networking events are looking for their next job or opportunity and by attending you can let them know you're hiring.


2. Look for hidden talent EVERYWHERE

Relying only on recruitment agencies and job boards is a bad habit for HR teams. Why? Because you can find hidden talent almost anywhere. As part of your recruiting strategy, you should keep your eyes and ears open to any potential candidates.

For example, if you're looking to hire a new salesperson, you could be on the phone to a salesperson one evening and think "This person is really good at sales. I wish they were working for me." Nothing is stopping you from reaching out to them and seeing if they fancy a change of career.

Look outside the box whenever you're recruiting.


3. Advertise vacancies on social media

More businesses are now recruiting via social media because it can save time, money and be seen by the right people. 

One of the biggest benefits of advertising on social media is you're advertising to people who may not actually be looking for a job yet. But when they see your advert and what your company has to offer, they could be inclined to send over their CV. People only go on job search websites when they're looking for a job. When you advertise your vacancies on social, you have a higher chance of attracting hidden talent.

Before you start posting your vacancies on any social platform, consider which type of social media your ideal candidate will likely be using (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc). You'll have better engagement by posting on the right social media platform. 


screenshot twitter profile


4. Use your employees as brand ambassadors

Employees who love their job and love the company they work for, are the best brand ambassadors. Okay, you can read customer testimonials to learn more about a business but it's what employees say that really matters. Employees are there 5 days a week. They work with senior management and know the company's values. Unhappy employees can easily discourage other people from accepting job offers at your business. But, if your employees love their job and your values, they're the best salespeople when it's time to recruit new staff.

When new vacancies are coming up, let employees know so they can spread the word too. It's very likely they will know people who will be interested in the job AND they will sell the benefits of working at your company. Employees who recommend applicants will likely recommend people they truly believe will be a perfect fit for the job. It's a benefit for you because the candidate will be pre-vetted by a fellow employee and if the applicant is the best choice, there are no recruitment costs involved.


5. Create PSLs

Preferred supplier lists are lists of the best recruitment agencies you've regularly work with. They are commonly used by HR and recruitment teams.

One of the main benefits of having a PSL is they can be quickly used when it's time to hire and if your industry requires a specialist skill, the recruitment agencies you work with should understand the specialisms you're looking for. Having a specialised agency helping you find hidden talent can help you find the best candidate faster.


Want to Reduce Time to Hire? Here's 10+ Tips


In your PSL, you should be choosing agencies who actually understand and respect your brand. Some recruitment agencies have a bad name because they're always chasing targets rather than finding the right hire for you. As you build your PSL, find agencies who understand your business, these people will be inclined to send good people your way whether you are officially hiring or not. 


6. Show off your company culture

Back fifty years ago, people were just looking for a job. But now, when people job search they're looking at the company and what culture they would be joining. A company's culture can be really attractive for prospective candidates. If your company offers flexible working hours, monthly events or an early finish on Friday, it's important you shout about them. 

By advertising your company's incentives and culture you can attract hidden talent who has been looking for what your company offers.

The best place to promote your company's culture is on the careers page. While people are looking at your vacancies, they can also read about the team and see what you do day to day. Great imagery and video works well here as they are easy to share socially and are quicker for visitors to interpret. Your careers page should be your culture page and avoid lengthy job descriptions unless 100% necessary. 


7. Consider video in your job posts

As mentioned in the previous point, video is really handy for showing off your company's culture. But it's also useful to create job adverts via video too. By recording yourself talking about the job vacancy and what the company has to offer, it's a great way of reaching out and attracting the interest of talented individuals. 

Millennials and Gen Z's prefer watching videos, more than reading job specifications. By using video, your job adverts will stand out more and offer a more personal touch. You'll be reminding potential applicants that you're not a scary faceless company, you're real people too.

It might sound scary but give it a go!


8. Don't forget to create a talent pool!

During your quest to find talented individuals, you should create a talent pool. Your talent pool will store information about any talented candidates you've interviewed in the past or have met. Even if you approach talented people who aren't ready to look for another job, by keeping their contact information on file, you can contact them whenever something relevant comes up.

The most innovative recruiters keep their talent pools handy - regularly keeping in contact and sending over positive news and key updates about their company. This keeps them up-to-date on what's happening with your business and it makes it easier to talk to them again in future, rather than letting them forget who you are. They may well have turned down a job offer, but keep them abreast of how your company is growing and improving may bring them back to a role you need to fill in the future.


talent bank on Optimize


Keeping talent pools up-to-date can be difficult but they're essential for HR and hiring teams. At Optimize, our hiring software has a talent bank where you can quickly and easily store information of talented candidates. Along with its own talent pool, there are many other features like applicant tracking, video screening, PSL management and more. 

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