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5 Reasons the Best HR Managers Care About Their Talent Pool Database

Posted by Optimize | Jan 12, 2017 2:21:00 PM

Have you got a talent pool database? Some HR managers don’t even bother creating talent pools because they think it’s time consuming and doesn’t provide any benefits. Well, they’re missing out. Here are the reasons why the best HR managers care about their talent databases.


1. A valuable vault of future talent

Having an up-to-date talent pool database is like a gold mine for HR managers. When you consider the amount of time and the costs involved when working with a recruitment agency, a talent pool gives you the opportunity to find potential candidates quickly and save money.

What’s so fantastic about having a talent pool is the fact you’ve likely seen or spoken to these candidates before. Every time you offer a job to a person, you shouldn’t forget about the other people you interviewed.

Some of them could have excellent qualities that would greatly benefit your company or have skills suitable for another role. You can easily approach these people again in the future.

Your talent pool is a beneficial vault you can use again and again.


2. An excellent way to stay organised

 Talent pools are adored by HR teams because it’s a safe and organised way of storing valuable data.

 Too often, talent acquisition and HR teams rely on their emails to store communication with candidates and keep contact details. An email inbox used as a talent pool can be risky. Emails can get lost or misplaced, and it’s not a secure way of keeping information safe.

Managers who have an organised talent database can quickly refer to it, rather than have to sift through their inbox to find an email.


3. Everyone is in the loop 

One of the best things about a talent pool database is the entire talent acquisition team can use it.

It can be a shared database for everyone to use and help provide transparency and promote teamwork between staff. For HR managers, having a database means they can rely on their team to recruit effectively.


4. Increases recruitment speed

By taking the time to care about their talent database, HR managers can enjoy the benefits of having a faster recruitment process. 

You don’t have to wait for recruitment agencies to respond or settle for second best candidates. Your talent pool is a store of pre-vetted candidates, who can provide excellent skills to the company.


5. Reduces costs

One of the biggest benefits of a talent pool database is the reduction in cost to hire. Hiring a recruitment agency can be costly, especially if you’re looking for specialised and senior staff. There is also the cost to the company when a position is left vacant for too long.

By managing a talent pool, you can significantly reduce your cost to hire.

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Creating your own talent pool doesn’t have to be a pain… Use Optimize’s method 

It’s a common misconception that to create a talent pool you have to manually input each contact into an Excel sheet. But, you don’t.

There’s sophisticated technology available to make it easy, that’s simple to use.

Optimize is an all-in-one talent acquisition software. It has everything a HR manager needs when managing a company’s recruitment process. 

It includes a one-click job posting tool, applicant tracking, video interview screening, talent pool database and much more.

It’s a simplified and effective way for HR managers to work.


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