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What is Video Screening!

Posted by Optimize | Mar 15, 2017 4:05:00 PM

You've heard of phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and you've most probably heard of interviewing via Skype. But now, we're introducing a super efficient new way of screening potential candidates. We're really proud to introduce video screening!


So, what is Video Screening?


Video screening is an absolutely crucial part of our all-in-one hiring and candidate management software. Instead of having to conduct laborious telephone interviews, people who use Optimize can now request shortlisted candidates to complete a video screening interview at the touch of a button. It's a faster and more effective way of screening applicants and we're really excited to release this brand new feature.

Sound complicated? Think again. All you have to do is set your screening questions in the app, which are then sent to the applicant at a time you choose. The applicant is then responsible for recording their answers via video, which can be done on a mobile or sat at a desk. After they have completed the interview, their video responses are sent to your Optimize dashboard for review. Easy!

Whilst the traditional telephone interview can be useful, there are some frustrating drawbacks we're sure you, like us, have experienced over the years. The major issue being - you can't see the applicant. Talking to them on the phone gives you the opportunity to ask them some screening questions and decide who you want to invite to a face-to-face interview, but you can learn so much more about an applicant via video screening. 

  • Learn more about their personality traits and gauge their interests visually, see their confidence etc
  • Test their resolve. Going on camera isn't easy, this will separate the candidates that are passionate about working for your company from those who are not.
  • You'll be able to determine whether or not the candidate is a good fit for your role.
  • Screening questions are short, sharp and the candidate must answer on the spot. Forcing someone to think on their feet rather than prepare for the obvious questions will give you a good indication of candidate quality and aptitude for thinking outside of the box.

You learn so much more from video screening compared to speaking to someone on the phone, which in turn 

You can also save so much time by using this screening technique. With telephone interviews, you have to put time aside to speak to the applicant, and if you've got six or seven people to screen, that can take up most of your day. With video, you can send the applicants the interview questions and then watch the responses later.

Optimize is the only all-in-one hiring software that has video screening available, beside many other types of recruitment tools (PSL management, custom data analytics, etc), to benefit your overall hiring process.


How video screening works...

Here is a quick walk through to help you understand how this screening process works with Optimize. 



Create and send your interview questions

Once you've got your shortlist of people you want to screen further, you then create a list of questions. You can set up what time limits you want for each questions (e.g. 45 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, etc). You can also decide whether the applicant can have preparation time between answering each question or have them reply immediately. Decide your deadline for applicants to send their responses and then send the questions over to the applicant.


It's now up to the candidate to shine!

When the candidate receives the questions, it's up to them to record their answers. They can use Optimize's Video Screening App or record via a webcam.

Before they start recording, they can warm up with some of our practice questions to help them get used to the process.

Next, they record their responses to your questions.




Watch the responses in your own time

After the questions have been completed, they are sent to the Optimize dashboard where you and your team can watch the responses. You can also write comments underneath, which is really useful if you want to make notes for yourself or discuss with other members of your team. Especially if you aren't all based in the same office. 

In Optimize, the video responses are stored with each candidate profile so you can rewatch them anytime.


...now watch the responses again

The beauty of having your screening responses ported directly to your dashboard means that they are accessible 24/7 for you and your team. If your hiring process is longer than most or you have a particularly high number of candidates to screen - this is going to be incredibly valuable to you as you can continue to go back and rewatch candidate answers.


Choose the perfect people to interview (on your first attempt)

Once the deadline has passed and you've watched all the responses, you'll be able to choose who you want to invite for a face-to-face interview. 

Video is a faster way of screening applicants so you can create a shortlist of candidates you believe meet the job description. You'll now be 100% confident that everyone booked in for a full interview is a suitable fit for you and your company. 



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Written by Optimize

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