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Introducing The Hiring Templates Bundle (Emails, Job Ads and More)

Posted by Optimize | Jun 28, 2017 6:48:00 AM

Hey! We have a HUGE announcement to make.

Hiring times and costs only seem to be going up, so - with the advent of technology and all of our modern improvements - we felt that, surely, things could improve.


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Did you know that according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the average cost for filling a vacancy is £4,000? That’s the average! And the cost increases to £6,125 with turnover factored in. For an executive or management role, it can cost £9-10,000 or more, and if the candidate doesn’t stick around, you have to pay those fees twice.   

The hiring process can and should be more simple and less costly. So here’s where we come in with a solution.


We founded this company because we wanted to share our invaluable experience in recruitment; we have ironed out the kinks, we know what works and doesn’t and we want to share that with you. We created an all-in-one talent acquisition software, Optimize, containing everything you need to hire successfully: candidate management, application tracking, one-click job posts, and more.

But how do you save time and effort when hiring when you don't have candidate management software? How do you improve your communication to create the best impression and level of professionalism for your company? We've pooled our collective knowledge to helo you get started: 

*Big Announcement*


Introducing: The Hiring Templates BundleGet Templates Now!

We are so excited to release these helpful templates to you for free.

  • Do you know who should write job advertisements and descriptions?
  • What should you say when you find a candidate you want, and want to tell them about your company?
  • How do you invite a candidate for interview - telephone, in person or video screening?
  • How do you reject candidates?
  • How do you offer them the job?
  • What do you write to the successful candidate during their onboarding process?

We have answers to all of these hiring questions and more. Our bundle will guide you through the entire hiring process.

Here’s what they do

If you’re new to recruitment or want to streamline your existing process, this hiring templates bundle is for you. It’s difficult to write everything from scratch, and we are here to help you get started with tips and advice.

One of the most costly factors in recruiting and hiring new talent is time. If your existing employees are taking time creating materials from scratch, that costs you money. If they don’t know how to manage talent quickly, it costs you money.

The hiring templates bundle helps you save time so you can save money and focus your resources on other important tasks.

For example, a job description is what attracts candidates to your job in the first place, so writing a thorough job description means you’re 10 times more likely to get a response. Candidates are not likely to respond to emails that are poorly written, poorly executed and not thought out. You could be losing candidates by sending the wrong image for your company. You want to show candidates that you respect and value their time.

These templates will give you a head start on your competitors. Here’s what’s included:



Job Ads

  • Source Candidate
  • Scheduling Telephone Interview
  • Video Screening Interview
  • Mass Rejection
  • Invite To Interview
  • Job Offer
  • Rejection After Interview
  • First Day Information / Onboarding
  • Basic Job Description template
  • IT Manager EXAMPLE
  • Sales Manager EXAMPLE


This hiring bundle is definitely something you need to give your company the edge.

Why did we create them? Get Templates Now!

We created this hiring bundle to make recruitment simple - whether you have a recruitment team or if you’re just an individual in-house. We want to empower people in recruitment positions from the in-house manager to a line manager to an HR team. We want to improve the process and break down boundaries.

Our goal is to give anyone the tools in the company to make hiring simple and cost effective. We want you to get high quality candidates the first time, and reduce time to hire.

Writing job descriptions and emails from scratch takes a lot of time, but it’s vital to fill roles and understand what moving parts your company needs to succeed. By creating templates, again, we can’t stress enough how we can save you time and money. You can simply edit, modify, and use what we’ve written so you’re not starting from a blank page.

No blank pages means more time to work on that elastic band ball or paper clip tower.

Don't Delay: Get Your Hiring Templates Bundle Now

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