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How To Reduce Your Time To Hire [Free Guide]

Posted by Optimize | Mar 14, 2017 11:57:40 AM

Would you like to reduce your recruitment time line and costs this year? Then we have the perfect guide for you.


The challenges of hiring

Hiring new employees is not as easy as it used to be.

Now it often takes much longer and costs more. There’s a huge amount of pressure on HR departments, line managers and business owners to find new employees quickly and on budget. But being quicker doesn’t always mean finding the best candidate for the role, and you may need to re-hire again if the hire wasn't quite right.

It's a complex world when it comes to hiring new talent and it’s hard to know which recruitment agencies to approach or which are the best job boards for your ads.


The average time to fill a vacancy is 68 days.... this has increased by 50% in 5 years


If you’re hiring on a regular basis, it’s difficult to keep on top of every email and applicant. You’re restricted by budgets, your competition is vying for the same candidates, and time is against you.

There's lots of challenges when it comes to hiring and recruiting amazing talent, so that's why we've created this guide to help you reduce time to hire at every stage of the recruitment process.


Introducing Optimize's Reduce Time To Hire Guide


Optimize reduce time to hire ebook guide



Ready To Reduce Time To Hire? Get Your Free Guide


Our Reduce Time To Hire guide is filled with tips and techniques you can use to optimise your hiring process. As already mentioned, the time it takes to hire a new employee can have major financial repercussions for your company. Paying recruitment agencies, having a vacant job role and searching for the perfect candidate all adds to your final bill. But, if you can speed up the process (and still get the best candidates), you can make incredible savings.


What's included in our free guide

We offer tips you can use:

  • Before you start hiring
  • During your hire, and
  • After you hire

This is a valuable guide with techniques you can easily adopt into your own strategy.


The reason why we created this essential guide

We have years of experience working in HR and we're fully aware of the challenges that are negatively impacting the speed of your hiring. So, we wanted to provide an essential guide that offers you tips you can start using immediately.

Our mission is a simple one - make recruitment simple.


Don't forget your free copy of our Reduce Time To Hire -- and make savings in your recruitment

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Written by Optimize

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