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Awesome Benefits of an All-In-One Candidate Management Software

Posted by Optimize | Apr 19, 2017 2:15:00 PM

Before you invest in a new candidate management software for your business, you will want to know all the pros and cons, right? Well, here's everything you need to know about using all-in-one candidate management software.


The Investment

By buying an all-in-one software, you'll get all the tools and features traditionally provided by multiple solutions. Having all your tools on one dashboard will mean everything is connected. Which will benefit productivity and save you having to login and out of different softwares. 


Time saved (lots)

As mentioned in the previous point, with an all-in-one software you don't have to continually login and out of different tools. Everything is in one place. Over time this means you're saving minutes (and then hours) by having everything in one dashboard.

When it's time for people to join your in-house recruitment team, it's much faster to train people to use one piece of  software rather than six or seven different tools. If passwords are lost, this can cause a massive speed bump in your hiring timeline. 

We know reducing hiring time is on the top of most managers lists so investing in an all-in-solution is a great way to address this and implementing new processes internally always looks good!


Finally, everything will be in one place

By using one software for all your recruitment needs, it's more accessible and there is no confusion. Using one tool to post on job boards, then another tool to store CVs for future use and another tool to track your candidate timelines, it just gets confusing - for you and your team. 

With everything in one place, you know the information is safe, secure and accessible whenever you need it. If you need to access data from another location or on the move, all you need to do is access your all-in-one software rather than try to login into two or three tools on a bad WiFi signal.


Clarity on your candidate timeline

Candidate management software is designed to manage your recruitment. With an all-in-one software, your candidate timelines offer more clarity. It's clear where you are up to with each candidate and you're able to make actions faster.

For example, with an all-in-one tool, once you have received your CVs, you can instantly send out email templates and your candidate timeline will automatically update as responses come in and interviews are set. When using independent tools, you are responsible for updating any new information. This can cause issues if you are working with other people who also manage the company recruitment.


reports optimize


Three cheers for closed loop reporting!

One of the biggest difficulties for hiring teams is to be able to show their senior management their performance results. Even though every hire is different, most senior staff don't know what's involved when it comes to hiring new staff. They think you just need to conduct some interviews. As we already know, there's many more steps that that.

When you use an all-in-one candidate management software, everything is linked so you can show managers exactly what has been involved.

With Optimize, you have access to custom data analytics. You can see who exactly is giving you the best CVs so you can determine which job boards, recruiters, etc, you should use for your next hire. Our reporting tools are designed to help you identify any problems in your hiring that is negatively affecting your overall performance.  


Have you found the best all-in-one candidate management software for you?

I know we're a little biased here but we love Optimize. 

Optimize is an all-in-one candidate management system designed to simplify your hiring process, reduce costs and speed up the overall process. From our experience, we've seen how recruitment has gotten longer and more complex. So, we created Optimize with everything you need when hiring. It has applicant tracking, one-click job posting, reporting analytics and much, much more.

Fancy seeing how it works? 


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