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Applicant Tracking

With our simple to use Recruitment Dashboard, you can see a snapshot of all your vacancies and the entire timeline of each candidate. From receiving their CV, arranging interviews and all the way to the making a hire, you can track and move them along the process, making recruitment simple.


What is Applicant Tracking?

Many HR teams and managers rely on their inbox to manage interactions with candidates. However, your inbox is also used for the rest of your responsibilities, and recruitment related emails can get lost, accidentally deleted or forgotten about. With Optimize’s applicant tracking system, every interaction is stored in an easy to view contact profile. Forget your inbox, this is the place to be.

Our applicant tracking software is great for teams who want to share information and stay up to date. It’s an excellent way to manage your hiring process and hold all the touchpoints from first email to offer acceptance, all in one place. When you’ve got a dozen applicants applying for one or more positions, it’s incredibly difficult to remember who’s who. But when you have an applicant tracking system in place, you won’t have that problem.


Track and view:

  • Interview stages and candidate progress
  • Emails between your team and the candidate
  • Submitted CVs
  • Team discussion notes related to the candidate
  • Official document tracking and storage

How does Optimize Applicant Tracking work?

In Optimize, you can use the applicant tracking software to track all your interactions with potential candidates. The tool maps out the entire lifecycle of a candidate, from the moment you received a CV and all the way to the decision on whether they’re hired or not. It’s an excellent tool that can be used to see exactly where the candidate came from (such as a job board, your careers page or from a recruitment agency). The tracking tool is automatically updated upon every interaction you have with the candidate. Every email and interview is recorded so you can see exactly where the hiring process is at.

Traditionally all this information has been spread out over many inboxes or written on post-it notes. We wanted to make teams more efficient and so the applicant tracking system was one of the first things we perfected in Optimize.  Just one more way to make recruitment simple!

Making Recruitment Simple
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