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Why pay for an ATS when you can use Optimize for FREE ?

An Applicant Tracking System that is 100% free, forever !

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A place for everything, everything in its place!

CV’s don’t belong in your inbox and sub-folders - they can get easily get lost amongst countless emails related to other tasks and can slow down the hiring process. Optimize puts it all in one place so that CVs can be tagged, organised and found easily via your dashboard or talent bank.

Stay on top of your hiring status at a glance.

The elegantly designed, simple to use Optimize Dashboard gives you an instant overview of where you’re up to at any given time on all your open vacancies. See how many candidates are at each stage of the process with each job, at a glance.

Think outside of the inbox

Relying on your inbox makes hiring complicated, jumping between job boards and talking to dozens of recruitment agencies, consuming minutes and hours you just don’t have. Optimize efficiently captures and stores CVs, feedback, and all hiring related communication – freeing up your inbox and your time.

Make data driven decisions

Businesses can spend £’000’s on job boards and recruitment agencies. Managing this through Optimize makes it possible to easily generate reports on what’s working well, and what needs to be changed so that you can efficiently manage your recruitment budget.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Collaborative hiring is at heart of Optimize. Make all stakeholders a part of the process by simply sharing jobs with line managers and decision makers to give them the chance to add their thoughts and feedback on candidates. Effective collaboration can reduce your time to hire by up to 50% and significantly improve engagement levels of stakeholders in the hiring process.