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Custom Data Analytics

Better quality, data driven recruitment decisions designed to save you time and money.


What are Custom Data Analytics?

When creating Optimize, we realized many HR teams and human resources systems were missing one important tool; access to recruitment data analytics. Optimize has been designed to handle all of your recruitment needs from one place whether temporary or permanent, via job boards or agencies.  This means we’re uniquely positioned to produce powerful data and analytics to help you make better choices on what recruitment methods work for you the best and how to manage your budget efficiently.  You can see data for:

  • Time to hire
  • Cost to hire
  • Agency performance
  • Job board performance
  • Temporary staffing spend 

and much more.

You can choose between configurable widgets to customize the data you receive to give you an improved insight into how your hiring process is performing.  All this at the touch of button in real time, allowing you make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Making Recruitment Simple
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