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Our aim is to make recruitment simple - for businesses AND recruiters, just like you.

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We understand that time is money for hard working recruitment consultants like you.  You spend hours of your time building a talent pool of candidates so that you’re ready for your clients when they need you.  You work hard to make the process smooth and efficient for your clients but are constrained by problems and bottlenecks in businesses that are out of your control – slow feedback, poor collaboration, lost information and potentially candidate duplication.  Due to the workload of hiring managers, preferred supplier lists can be mismanaged and relationships can become constrained.  Optimize has the answer!


The Optimize Vacancy Marketplace  

Gain instant access to clients you did not have relationships with previously.  Our simple sign up process takes just a few minutes, and you’ll be able to see who’s recruiting and the fees on offer immediately.  You can choose which vacancies to work on and even set up your account to notify you of new vacancies in your specialist area.  Optimize has been designed to speed up the recruitment process by helping businesses to organize recruitment efficiently, meaning you’ll get feedback quickly and move the process along.


Start sending CVs straight away, and be safe in the knowledge that your introductions are protected for 6 months. Optimize gives you the opportunity to see when clients have looked at the CVs you’ve sent over and whether they’re interested in setting up interviews. With Optimize, you can track the application process of your candidate, from the client reading the CV, all the way to a job being offered. This is all at the click of a mouse so you don’t have to call your clients for updates which is time consuming and can be seen as a nuisance.


Finally, on the day your candidate starts, Optimize will invoice the client for the placement fee you agreed when engaging on the job. For any temporary or contract workers, Optimize can automatically produce timesheets. In our smart cloud based tool, we have everything you need to meet your recruitment goals.


The Optimize PSL Manager

Our unique PSL Manager helps hiring businesses and agencies enhance their relationships by removing the traditional bottlenecks that cause delays in the recruitment process.  Businesses are using Optimize to manage their Preferred Suppliers, post jobs to them and to speed up the process using our Applicant Tracking capabilities.  It allows businesses to organize multiple PSL’s on multiple tiers, and post jobs to PSL agencies at the click of a button, allowing agencies to work on jobs without delay.  CV’s submitted are protected from duplication by other Recruitment Agencies, securing your introduction and avoiding any potential ownership disputes.  PLS Agencies love working through Optimize as it gives their relationships a new level of transparency allowing you to focus on delivering the best service to your clients.

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