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About Us

Total commitment to making recruitment simple.

Optimize has been built by a team of recruitment experts with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry with one sole purpose – to make recruitment simple.  It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that we’re obsessed with this purpose.  Every feature and workflow on Optimize through to how the Optimize team work with our clients has been designed to achieve this purpose.


Our experience of recruitment, working with HR and Talent Acquisition teams, Recruitment Agencies and job boards all pointed to one thing – that recruitment has become needlessly complicated.  After listening to the struggles of today’s hirers’, we realized there had to be an easier way.  So, we created Optimize. Our recruitment management software is designed to optimize the hiring process, assist hirers’ and help you find higher quality candidates.


Optimize is being used by HR teams and business managers right now to provide a simple and efficient method of managing recruitment. Try a free demo of our recruitment software to see our simple and efficient interface. Discover how you can revolutionize the way you hire. Regain control.


Founder & CEO

Murali Goluguri

Who should use Optimize?

Who is our recruitment software best suited for? Well, so far, Optimize has been used to benefit HR teams in how they manage the hiring process and by business owners to find bright new talent.  Currently, many businesses source candidates from multiple job boards and recruitment agencies, and manage the process with their email inbox when it comes to hiring.  This can make things incredibly complicated, time consuming and costly.  Relying on your inbox to manage new hires is a headache and, let’s be honest, it’s the old way of hiring.  Optimize has been created by people who understand the problems and challenges involved when it comes to recruiting new staff.  Our recruitment management software is designed to make your job smoother so you can quickly and easily consult Optimize whenever it’s time to hire.

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Founder & CEO

James Torkington

Founder & CTO

Anil Varma Gadhiraju

What makes us different

What makes Optimize different from anything else on the market? Optimize stands alone as an all-in-one hiring system.  Hirers currently rely on stitching together multiple platforms that don’t communicate - whilst their inbox takes the brunt of the pain when it comes to speaking to recruiters and hiring new talent. When you hire regularly, it’s incredibly time consuming to be referring to different platforms and scouring your inbox for old emails. Even for the most organized of us, it takes up precious hiring time.  We created Optimize to have everything you need in one place, helping you to save time and manage your hiring more efficiently.  Our job board integration, PSL Recruitment Agency Manager and our Recruitment Agency Marketplace allow you to source the best candidates quickly, whilst our industry leading applicant tracking features keep the process moving quickly and efficiently.  Our Video Screening software helps to further save you time and improve the quality of your hires.  Added to this our timesheet software and powerful analytics, Optimize has the most comprehensive range of features of any recruitment software product currently on the market. 

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